How to troubleshoot the McAfee error 1619

How to troubleshoot the McAfee error 1619

This type of error usually happens when you try to click open the setup and it fails to respond, resulting in this error, more specifically it occurs when you’re configuring the setup via VSE or the epolicy orchestrator.

Possible reasons as to why this error takes place.

  • The VSE was unable to successfully set up locally and also via the EPO deployment assignment.
  • You might not have downloaded the windows version of, and that’s why you are facing this issue, or what you have downloaded could be a corrupted file, make sure you download the correct or official program from the website of the company.
  • Another reason you have encountered this error is due to the crashing of your internet connection if your network was interrupted or temporarily shut down, that could have resulted in this kind of error.
  • If you have another anti-virus running on your system, that could be the likely reason why you face this issue, as that can interfere with the installation of

You can try the below-mentioned solutions to fix this error code 1619

  • .msi packages: The windows installer service might be turned off, so the applications that come as .msi packages are going to have issues with the installation, you can turn this service on with the following method:
  • You can click onto the start tab and do the run command, and you can input services.msc in the dialog box that appears now you can click on the ok button.
  • You can choose the properties option that you will see after right clicking on the windows installer services option.
  • After this, you will view the drop-down list of the startup type, choose the automatic alternative available.
  • Now, please click on the start tab followed by clicking on the ok button and further you can start installing the program once again.

Just in case you are receiving the error related to the VSE, then there is a likely possibility that the windows installer you have is defected, you can further view the online pages for finding a solution to fixing the windows installer.

  • Network permissions and authorization issue: you can run into problems that are related to the network connectivity, these are due to you trying to launch the installer exe via a network setting, to resolve this, onto your system, you can try copying the setup, and now you can proceed to launch the installer.
  • Other anti-virus software: If in case you have some other anti-virus system configured on your device, then you can get rid of them and then proceed to configure the VSE.

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