Anthem community manager promises the game is ‘here to stay’

Anthem community manager promises the game is ‘here to stay’

Anthem had far from a great perfect launch, and with performance issues and ongoing balance, BioWare is under intensive pressure to smooth things out. And that is no better demonstrated than on social media forum called Reddit, where a long list of grievances was published yesterday by a user named harishcs, ostensibly on behalf of the whole community. The post touched on all the biggest issues related with the game, in addition to criticizing BioWare for a perceived lack of post-launch interaction and communication.

Global Community Manager Jesse Anderson of Anthem later weighed in with a response on behalf of BioWare company, and it addressed point-by-point most of the issues of the original post. On the topic of a perceived decline in game developer interaction on the subreddit since the launch of the game, Anderson had this to say:

“To start, things used to be a lot similar and friendlier here for developer team members who normally do not talk on forums or social channels,” he wrote. “They could answer questions, give required information and know that they are not going to have people getting quite upset at them. Why would a developer team member take time away from working on the next coming update to post when they know it is likely to be met with familiar hostile replies, or they get flamed because they cannot answer other questions that players are continuously asking?”

He continued: When the things are not so good, I do not usually mind it posting here, but that is because it is my job. For the developers, it is not their job, and I would like to ask that people remember that when replying the answer to them. When some people say ‘be nice or the developers will stop posting it is 100% true. Be constructive and respectful with your feedback and more of the team members will likely reply.

Anderson addressed a wide range of communication concerns, including why he tends to acknowledge trivial problems over major ones (because reports of status on smaller problems tend to be easier and much less complicated to obtain from the developer team), and why the patch notes are treated confidentially (they are not, they just tend to be completed only shortly before the updates go completely live).

On the matter of ongoing loot issues, Anderson listed some of the updates that are already been applied, while also shedding some light on how the feedback process actually works. Basically, things tend to take much longer than the community has its patience, but tweaks are forthcoming. “We are not happy where loot is either, so know that it is high on our priority list,” he wrote.

It is worth reading the full complete post, especially if you are invested in the future of the game which you are interested in. According to Anderson, Anthem definitely does have a bright future. “All I will say on this is that Anthem is here to stay not to go. Do we have a lot of work to do to fix several parts of the game? Yes, and the developer team is committed to making improvements and releasing brand new content.”

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