Google Pixel 4 will be equipped with the new Google Assistant

Google Pixel 4 will be equipped with the new Google Assistant

Google has developed a better and improved version of the Assistant, recommending that the assistant will perform better when it is functioning on your phone locally rather than directing instructions to the remote server. The assistant is rumored to reply pretty quick when it is running from your smartphone, the speed will please you, while it interacts and follows your commands spontaneously.

According to a report, Google is interested in improving privacy issues and giving its users a safer experience, there are a few enthusiasts who are eager in purchasing the latest products from Google, they will have to wait till the next half of this year, the new and upgraded edition of pixel 3 will be released later this year.

The people that have pixel phones with them currently would be eligible for the next level Assistant, however, there is no clear layout or information as to which versions can qualify for the update. The great value in this is the assistant will not need an internet connection when it is running from your own phone, instead of a cloud, there is a lot of data required for the Google Assistant to recognize and respond to your voice, currently it consumes 100 GB of data for this process but the company somehow aims to lessen it to only 1 GB.

Google has also come up with a personalized approach for its users, the assistant can now accommodate the use of everyday language, for example, a person relates a name for a friend they have, they can define it into the Assistant and it will recognize that person’s name as your close friend. This feature is also called personal mentions, it could be a reference to any of the places you frequently visit it could be a school a hospital or workplace or any other location you visit a lot, it could also be your relatives and other family and friends.

These references can be temporary, the Assistant could think of your hangout as your friend’s house, using Google Maps and Photos, if you have your friends name and other details defined, it will show you the events related to it, for example, you ask a friend’s favorite place and since you have already defined it into the Assistant, it will show up and you won’t have to use other parameters such as location.

These references will behave as shortcuts to the details you have stored with Google, if you want to use Google Maps and ask for an address of a friend whose information you have previously stored on Google, you might want only maps application to respond and not the Google Photos app, this facility is not yet available but it is being worked on, in the future you can expect these features of single app response.

You can custom delete any of the references at any point in time, some people are worried about the privacy, but Google assures it won’t use the information or connect the two people together resulting in privacy issues and exposure. Overall the Assistant is going to be a thrill with these new features coming out.

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