In The Month Of February, Apex Legends made an estimated $92M

In The Month Of February, Apex Legends made an estimated $92M

The most popular franchise Apex Legends was not just a big hit for EA games, it was the biggest free-to-play game launch of all time till this century, according to a latest and new report by market research firm Superdata. The figure is not official, but comes from Superdata’s “proprietary data partnerships” and “point-of-sale and event data from developers, publishers, and payment service providers”, more on that here, through which it extrapolates the lavishly monthly spending habits of about more than 160 million “unique, paying digital gamers worldwide.” Magic, got it.

The company estimates that the popular franchise Apex Legends pulled in a whopping $92 million in the launch month of February across all the platforms including PC, Xbox, PS4, making it one of the top-ten grossing games for the month of February. Most of the money of Apex Legends was made on gaming consoles, but not Personal Computer, but it was not quite enough to push it past Fortnite battle royale on either console or PC.

Interestingly, Apex Legends was surpassed on consoles by another popular game that is just released in the month of February, Anthem, which Superdata thinks earned more than $100 million at its grand launch, despite its many well-publicized issues. That was good enough for third place on the ranking of console, but not quite enough to get it into the top ten lists on the PC.

Figures of the month of March will probably look a bit different. The popular franchise Anthem hit this figure as a more conventional premium game franchise, and its in-game spending was a relatively insignificant $3.5 million across both the platforms including PC and console. Apex Legends is free-to-play, meaning that all its revenues were earned through its multiple in-game transactions, and the release of its season one first Battle Pass in this month of March, underwhelming as it was, will likely push that figure much higher than expected.

The news is quite less happy for the game Hearthstone: Superdata said it suffered its biggest year-over-year revenue decline and loss ever in the month of February, falling 52 percent across mobile and PC, because of increased high competition and likely franchise fatigue.

The most awaited fighter Octane is the first new Legend to release during Season 1 of the popular franchise Apex Legends, though he is not part of the content drip you will work through in the season one Battle Pass. You can check out the full list of Octane’s abilities on the official website of Apex Legends.

Although the most awaited character Octane is now available in the game, he is not included with purchase of the season one battle pass. The cost of Octane in the game is 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

Respawn company wants the players to get a grip on how the most popular game right now Apex Legends plays before distracting them with multiple other objectives, though that is not a direct confirmation that challenges will show up further in the future seasons.

To familiarize players and encourage experimentation with Apex Legends in Season one, an XP progression bonus will be the grand award to players that change characters in an often way. We are not quite sure how big of a bonus it is or how many character changes it takes to kick in, but we will eventually find out soon enough.

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